Web Toys

I've made a few web toys over the years. Here are a few I'm mostly proud of.

Heron Simulator

Realistic Heron Simulator

An idea off of Tom Scott's idea list part 2. It was a bit of fun and that's about it.

Play the simulator!
Breakdancing Quiz

Are they breakdancing or falling over?

Another idea off of Tom Scott's idea list. This time, part 1.

Play the game!
Hank Defined

Who the eff is Hank?

"Who the eff is Hank?" is a question jokingly asked by nerdfighters. It originates from YouTube comments on John's videos. As John and Hank, in the tradition of Brotherhood 2.0, start off each video by saying "Good morning, John" or "Good morning, Hank," new viewers may not know who this "Hank" is that John's addressing, thus leading to the question being asked. Creative (and irrelevant) responses are often given to the question, often during John's Question Tuesdays. - Nerdfighteria Wiki

Define Hank
The QI Klaxon

The QI Klaxon

Ever wanted to have the power of the QI Klaxon? Ever wanted to be the person in the box? Well now you can be!

QI Klaxon

Built by hand by Ela with

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