Previous Work

Here you can find a full list of my work.

  • Branchline Banter

    Video/Audio Alive

    A podcast hosted by Me and my friend Jonny where we talk about all things train related.

    Give it a listen!

  • Rails To Nowhere

    Video/Audio Alive

    A history podcast hosted by Me and my tube driving friend Simon, analysing the railway through the historical lens.

    Give it a listen!

  • Rail Natter Bingo

    RailNatter Bingo

    Web Alive Client Work

    Gareth Dennis hosts a show called #RailNatter. He does a lot of things, and they're funny and predicatble. Here is an unoffical bingo card generator and game you can play while watching.

    Play here!

  • Line Controller UI

    225 Group Homepage

    Web Alive Client Work

    I helped the 225Group get their home page in order. Built with NuxtJS (VueJS framework) and Tailwind css.

    See the site here!

  • Line Controller UI

    Line Controller

    Local Alive

    Automatic model railway operation and signalling! See the Line Controller page for more information.

  • phpRegister


    Web Dead

    A project to create a PHP based school management system.

  • EllieBot

    Web Dead

    A multi-server Discord bot I used to run. Had a backend API and control panel allowing users to assign roles and extend her for their servers. Killed due to poor usage figures and a dislike of Discord's anti-user attitude.

  • Pogues Game

    The Pogues Game

    Web Zombie

    A silly web game where you attempt to avoid hearing a particualr chirstmas song between December 1st and December 25th.

    Click to play!

  • Honoka Bot


    Web Alive

    Another Discord bot. Built in collaboration with Subject. Now in TypeScript.

  • Universe Simulator

    UniSim Universe Simulator

    Local Dead

    Built in a physics lesson in under 10 minuites to demonstrate the expansion of the universe. Using the Uniy Engine. Now left up for physics teachers around the world to download and demonstrate the universe expansion.

  • Panzers Unleashed

    Local Dead

    Computer Sciecne A-Level game project. Local multiplayer World of Tanks esq. game themed on the anime Girls und Panzer.

  • Minecraft Bedrock Editor

    Local Dead

    A project to provide some basic world editing to Minecraft Bedrock. The basics of the world and level data was reverse engineered, however it was never completed due to unrelated circumstances.

  • Think Lateral!

    Local Zombie

    This was/is a party quiz game based around the game Lateral, as invisaged by Tom Scott. Let's just say I couldn't be bothered to complete this one.

  • Screen Locker

    Local Dead

    A simple project for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Written to allow me to "lock" school computers that I was using becasue the Windows + L/CRTL+ALT+DELETE Lock Screen shortcut was disabled. It provided minimal security (just a form that would force itself above all other windows) that was unclosable without a password. Could be defeated by CTRL+ALT+DELETE Log Off.

  • Is Temple Open

    Is Temple Open?

    Web Alive

    Web toy! Twitter bot! Tells you if Temple Station on the London Underground is open.


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