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The winners of the 2020 Pogues Game have been declared!

29 players signed up in 2020!


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And those who were Pogued...

  • WhoDocktor (2020-12-01 20:05:26)
  • DaisyNeedsAHug (2020-12-04 10:11:33)
  • AdamAnt97 (2020-12-08 20:59:49)
  • thepoguesgame (2020-12-08 23:24:00)
  • dribbleondo (2020-12-09 11:16:23)
  • Finneyland (2020-12-11 19:44:40)
  • drawyahyt (2020-12-15 20:48:00)
  • lonelygoblinru (2020-12-17 12:27:58)
  • azeriafx (2020-12-20 17:28:55)
  • Asmodean_ (2020-12-25 15:41:08)

What is The Pogues Game?

First off, you should have Matt and Tom explain it to you. It was their game originally.

Can't see the video? Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Enjoyed the video? Right let's continue. Essentially the aim of the game is to get through the entire month of December without hearing the song Fairytale Of New York. I agree with Matt and Tom, it's awful. And yes, it is played in EVERY SINGLE STORE EVER between the first of December and Chirstmas. You just have to get through December without hearing it to win.


  1. You lose the moment you hear Fairytale Of New York.
  2. You cannot "Pogue-Roll" i.e. you cannot send someone a link to Fairytale In New York and they lose. That does not count.
  3. The game begins on 1st December 00:00 and ends on 31st December 23:59. Hearing Farytale In New York between those dates and times, unless stated above, is a loss.
  4. Good luck. Have fun. Play fair.

Fairytale Of New York

Just as a reminder, here is what Fairytale Of New York sounds like:

Can't see the video? Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Privacy etc.

First off, I am in NO WAY associated with Tom Scott, Matt Gray, Matt and Tom or any associated sites, channels, social media accounts and so on. This is just a fun project by a fan as a game for people to enjoy.

No data will be shared with anyone. I will not sell you usernames or any data relating to you to anyone. It's bad practice in my opinion. The only data that is stored about you is your Twitter username, your chosen codeword, the time you signed up to the game and the time you lost the game. No data past that is stored.

When you lose, the games Twitter account will tweet a message like this:

Other than that, the only other point of note is the Cloudflare Privacy Policy, as I use Cloudflare's services.

That's all. Good luck and happy playing!

The Pogues Game. Built by @ElaTheDeveloper. Inspired by Tom Scott and Matt Gray