Hello! I'm Ela!

I'm a student. This is my website.

Let's be honest. You probably knew that already. If you didn't, HI! I have a page about me. However, being a student and having a website don't play nicely with each other. This website is expensive. It costs me between £6 and £10 a month to run. It doesn't sound like much, but I also have to pay for travel (it's really expensive. I complain about that on my podcast), food, coffee, software and much more. This site is funded by part time work and freelance work.

I also hate adverts. You've probably noticed the lack of them on this site. I think that Google Ads etc. make for a terrible user experience. I don't mind the embedded ads in podcasts and YouTube videos (after all they're easy to skip), but those banner adverts, pop up adverts and the like are the worst things ever.

If you enjoy my stuff, I would be super greatful if you did the 'buy me a coffee' or became a patreon thing and helped keep me online!

What's in it for you? A spot on the wall of thanks and I will keep making web toys, podcasts, apps, games and the rest of what I do.

How to support me. The easiest way is on KoFi. It's easy and simple plus I'll probably start putting stuff there too. You can do so with this button:

Become a Patron!

If the button isn't working, my page is here, and my Patreon is Here.

Once again, you don't have to support me. It's ok. But if you like the stuff and want to help keep more coming, I will be super greatful!

Please note that my deadname may appear when supporing me. I am verry sorry :(

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