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Software making, history studying girl.

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Hello! I'm Eleanor! I go by Ela most of the time. I'm a 20 year old trans girl who makes software, studies history and also teaches history in a Saturday school. I specialise in rapid prototyping of software and hardware, using cheap and common components, languages and tools.


Most of the software I write is prototype software, written rapidly. I am fully aware that it is often not that efficient, sometimes is unstable and is overall, quite ugly, however I choose to work this way as I personally cannot stand having to conform to "good practice" etc. I also consult on setting up websites with a specialism in podcasting websites.

Tools I work with:


I like to podcast on the side. I currently host the railway centric podcast Branchline Banter with my co-host Jonny. On it we discuss rail news, history, topics and often end up arguing about the A4 Pacific's vs. the LMS Coronation class (the better class).

Teaching and Tutoring

At weekends, I teach History in a Saturday school. I also tutor History, Foundation Physics and Mathematics and Computer Science on the side.

My artwork was done by Shaybie. I highly recommend her work!

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