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Hello! I'm Eleanor! I go by Ela most of the time. I'm a 21 year old trans girl who makes software, studies history and also teaches history in a Saturday school. I specialise in rapid prototyping of software and hardware, using cheap and common components, languages and tools.


Most of the software I write is prototype software, written rapidly. I am fully aware that it is often not that efficient, sometimes is unstable and is overall, quite ugly, however I choose to work this way as I personally cannot stand having to conform to "good practice" etc. I also consult on setting up websites with a specialism in podcasting websites.

Tools I work with:


I like to podcast on the side. I currently host the railway centric podcast Branchline Banter with my co-host Jonny. On it we discuss rail news, history, topics and often end up arguing about the A4 Pacific's vs. the LMS Coronation class (the better class).

Other Things

I also help out with Gareth Dennis' "RailNatter", a weekly live 'Television' show by Gareth Dennis that discusses all things rail.

My artwork was done by Shaybie. I highly recommend her work!

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